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眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night APK (Mod Unlimited Money) Download – on android

Secret Night APK Mod Unlimited Money Download on android

Latest Version of Download MOD APK 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night (Unlimited Money) Download – on android Simulation Mobile Game Detail.

Application眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night
Google PlayStore IDcom.voltage.joshige.cind

Android Mobile 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night is the latest game on this list. We usually wait a bit to see how a game plays out, but this one is so fast downloading 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night best mobile game on android 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night is a full range of tools and libraries to help you develop, optimize, launch, and iterate on high quality Android game.

眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night Screenshot Download

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眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night APK (Mod Unlimited Money) Download – on android MOD APK – on android – ジャーナリストを目指すはずが、廃刊寸前ゴシップ誌の記者に!?


『眠らぬ街のシンデレラ secret night 』のご紹介


ハイスペックなカレ達との恋を進めるのに必要な、記者としての “信頼度”を勝ち得るため、

恋愛ドラマアプリ『眠らぬ街のシンデレラ secret night』は、こんなアナタにピッタリ!



Aiming to be a journalist, but on the verge of being discontinued as a reporter for Gossip magazine !?
The mission given by the editor-in-chief is a close coverage of high-spec handsome celebrities.

The definitive edition of the romance game for adults delivered by Voltage!

Introducing “Cinderella secret night in the city that never sleeps”

◆ Story ◆
You, who became a reporter for gossip magazine,
For my first job, I was interviewing the opening party of Japan’s first legal casino.
Among the dazzling celebrities, I got drunk and lost consciousness by chance,
When you wake up, on the bed in the suite!
And in front of me is the handsome guy I saw at the party last night!
“You were amazing yesterday.”
Extremely gorgeous, a little dangerous love awaits you!

◆ Fun elements other than the story ◆
In order to win the “reliability” as a reporter, which is necessary to advance love with high-spec boyfriends
Battle with rivals in [close contact coverage]!
To win the battle, polish your [sense] with cute avatars and stylish interiors !!
Also, if you get a special dish with [Scoop] and increase the circulation,
You will be able to read the special story from the perspective of the boyfriend that appears in the middle of the story !!
Close contact coverage … Scoop … Let’s enjoy the love with a slightly dangerous handsome celebrity !!

The romance drama app “Cinderella secret night in the city that never sleeps” is perfect for you!
・ I like movies, dramas, and romance novels
・ I want to have a romance with a handsome guy
・ I want to enjoy the romance drama app
・ I want to enjoy a romance simulation game
・ I’m interested in romance games, but I’m a little nerdy …
・ I like love stories, shojo manga / comics, and reading materials
・ I want to play the love app for free
・ I usually like free games
・ Those who want to fall in love with their lover or boyfriend
・ Those who are not familiar with romance apps and otome games for women
・ I like fashion, cosmetics, and interiors
・ I like to change my avatar
In addition, it is recommended for all girls and maidens.
The definitive version of the love game!

◆ Notes ◆
-It does not work offline. Be sure to start with an internet connection. (Data may be corrupted)
・ When the app is uninstalled, all purchased items and data being played will be deleted.
・ Please note that we cannot refund the purchased items.
・ For other details, please be sure to check the “Terms of Service” in the app.

◆ About the app provider Voltage ◆
Voltage Co., Ltd. provides entertainment content with the theme of “drama of love and battle”.
The “Voltage Romance Drama Series (abbreviation: Bol Koi)”, which provides healing and enjoyment to women living in the present age, is
It started distribution in 2006, and now it has distributed more than 100 titles and is played all over the world.
You can choose your favorite situation and your favorite handsome guy and experience the ideal love story of the main character.

Voltage will continue to deliver “Chest Kyun” to all women.

Whats New

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  • unlimited Coins/Cash
  • 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night newly Levels added
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  • unlimited Unknow item
  • unlimited Hacks
  • 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ Secret Night Unlimited Money