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D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation 6.1.01 APK (Mod Unlimited Money) Download – on android

D Liberation APK Mod Unlimited Money Download on android

Latest Version of Download MOD APK D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation (Unlimited Money) Download – on android Role Playing Mobile Game Detail.

ApplicationD×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation
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Google PlayStore IDcom.sega.d2megaten.zh_hant

Android Mobile D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation is the latest game on this list. We usually wait a bit to see how a game plays out, but this one is so fast downloading D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation best mobile game on android D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation is a full range of tools and libraries to help you develop, optimize, launch, and iterate on high quality Android game.

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D×2 真・女神轉生 Liberation APK (Mod Unlimited Money) Download – on android MOD APK – on android – 手機版「真‧女神轉生」完全新作企劃開跑!








「DEVIL DOWNLOADER(惡魔下載者)」,通稱「D×2(D-Two)」。

透過一個神秘男人的引導,你得到了這個力量。你成為守護世界的秘密組織「解放者」的成員,跟著當紅影片上傳者「麥卡金」,逐漸被捲入D×2 之間的爭戰當中。



劇本:深見 真
角色設定:岩元 辰郎

The mobile version of “Thanksgiving Goddess Tensei” is completely new!

Inherit the essence of the “True Goddess Reincarnation” series such as Summoning the Devil, Negotiation, Combination of Devil, and 3D Labyrinth, and construct the most suitable game for mobile phone play!

■Full of game elements unique to the “Shin Goddess Tensei” series!
The “action round battle” that will combat the enemy’s weakness to improve the situation, the “negotiation” that can convince the enemy demon to join us and become the middle demon, and the “combination” that can be used to strengthen the devil are fully reproduced!

■New elements in line with the characteristics of mobile games!
In addition to the cultivation elements such as “Rebirth” and “Awakening”, and the unique combination rules such as “Primitive Body”, there are various new functions and new elements such as “Battle Support” where players assist each other in battle!

■Novices can play with peace of mind!
The auxiliary functions such as “auto” and “double speed” are very substantial!
Those who have not played the “Shin Goddess Tensei” series can also enjoy the game!

■Devil CG beyond the level of mobile phones!
The demons familiar to players are completely reproduced with high-quality CG modules!
In the demon lineup included in this work, there is also a series of demon that is 3D for the first time!

■The elements that can be played repeatedly are also abundant!
Explore and master the 3D maze “Gate of Reiki”!
Compete against other players in the PvP mode “D×2 Duel”!

■Summon demons and negotiate with demons in the real world
Utilize the new AR function “Devil Detector”
Summon demons from all over the world!
Successfully negotiate with the devil through AR, improve the devil’s friendship, and get a variety of props.
In addition, as long as you increase the level of the Demon Detector, you can also use AR to summon other various demons to negotiate!

“DEVIL DOWNLOADER (devil downloader)”, commonly known as “D×2 (D-Two)”.
Use dedicated smart phone software to summon and control the devil.

Through the guidance of a mysterious man, you get this power. You become a member of the “Liberator”, a secret organization that guards the world. Following the popular video uploader “McCagan”, you are gradually involved in the battle between D×2.

The enemy’s organization is called the “Believers Group.”
They are another D×2 group acting according to their own ideas
In order to solve the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their goals, they are quietly eliminating people with a high “empathy index.”

Behind the seemingly flat society, people’s malice is spreading quietly. The battle between the demon downloaders is also getting fierce…

Development: SEGA
Original: ATLUS
Script: Seeing Deeply, True
Character setting: Iwamoto Tatsuro

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